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Beach wedding at El Salon in Nerja – Malaga

27 July, 2016 , , TuccoAdmin

Nerja might be described as one of the most charming and delightful towns in the South of Spain. The white houses surrounded of turquoise seas and narrow streets make of this small village a dream paradise where many people would love to start a new beginning.

That is why when N&J informed us about their plans of getting married there we could not decline. Organizing this unique wedding in the beach of El Salon was a big challenge impossible to refuse and we could not be happier with the result. N&J’s wedding has being the first wedding celebrated in the beach of El Salon in the last 10 years.

For the ceremony set up we used white folding chairs that together with the kilim red carpets, took us back to the Turkey of years ago, where the designs of these carpets were full of symbolism reflecting messages, wishes and announcements of joyous events.

For the arch we used a combination of eucalyptus, branched roses, groundsel, astilbe, hydrangeas, garnet peonies, dahlias and English roses that together with the white fabric couldn’t match best.

The background of the Mediterranean Sea was merely another reason for the success of this great set up. The result was exceptional. Once again, we are much obliged to Pedro Navarro and his team for this outstanding set up and all their support throughout the event.

Big thank you as well to Pedro Bellido for his photography. But a special thank you to N & J for trusting us for this occasion.

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