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How to choose the right venue

8 April, 2014 , , Tucco Wedding Planner
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It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to share with you today, some of the tips that we consider important when planning on hosting an event. A lot goes into planning a successful event, but paying attention to the fine details throughout the process will help us ensure, that things run perfectly when the event begins. We all want our special celebrations or business meetings to be great and memorable, so let´s go through some ideas that will make easier our success!

The first thing to take into consideration is the type of event we want to organize, the budget that we have and the date of the event. Some venues are very popular and it is essential to book our desired day in advance! It may sound crazy, but some places need to be booked a while in advance!

The more venues we can evaluate, the more options we will have regarding budget, date availability, size and outsourcing requirements. What we all want is to get the best deal!

Villa Las Sirenas

Before we begin our venue research, we need to think of our event’s needs, meaning from the audio/visual to menu options, every single detail matters! Satisfying and meeting our guests’ expectations is our aim, so let’s go through the list:

1) Outdoor event or indoor event? We have to consider the temperature of the place where we want to host our event and the weather conditions we can expect from the chosen date. Do we want the freshness of a garden in spring season or do we want a luxury ballroom in a beautiful hotel? We may want both!

2)How many guests are we inviting to our event? The size of the venue we are looking for will basically depend on the people assisting to it and the activities we have planned.

3)Time for a bite, a full menu or maybe just a couple of drinks? When planning meals and breaks, we need to be sure that we check the venue’s alternative menu items, do not forget about vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and sugar-free items! We may also consider hiring an external catering service and the cost of it.

4)Lights, camera…action! Make the most of the location’s attributes to create the appropriate atmosphere. Lighting will set the mood and the atmosphere we want during the different parts of our event. Whether it’s during the cocktail hour, lunch, dinner, a corporate meeting, or ”party time”, customized lights will create the perfect environment. Once again let’s not forget to check the services that the venue offers and the possibility to hire external lighting services.

5)Is audio-visual preparation required? Make sure that the venue has all the material required. If they don’t, check and evaluate how much they would charge if you outsource your own audio-visual equipment and provide it to the venue. This simple detail could ruin a whole event!

6)Boring? That is the last thing I want to hear when I have planned an event, so let´s consider the possibilities that venues offer for entertainment. Music is an important part of the atmosphere. Do we want to get a music band, a DJ or just relaxing background music? Depending on the type of function I would consider that the venue can hold games, fun activities or competitions. We definitely have to enjoy it!

7)What about accessibility? I am not talking just about the possibility of having guests with mobility assistance needs; I am also considering how close are restrooms to where the actual event is meant to be planned etc. What about the access for any equipment that needs to be brought through the venue’s doorways? Very important details that we can easily skip without notice until we find an issue during the event!

8)Pictures time!! Don’t be shy! It is your event and you are going to pay for it so take pictures if you are planning to do onsite visits to different venues! It would be easier for you to have visual support when making the final decision.

These are some of the basic criteria I always follow when selecting the perfect venue to hold an event. I hope it sounds interesting to you and you enjoyed it! Be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort into your planning process and I can guarantee you that it will be worth it!

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