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Inquring Minds

Do I need a wedding planner and/or coordinator?

A wedding planner is not essential but necessary in many cases. The planner will guarantee that you will have the best service from suppliers/vendors, the best prices and guarantee the success of an event. Also knows the suppliers who work in the area as they have been doing that job for a while, they have good connections.

A coordinator is someone who will make sure on the day that everything runs smoothly and according to plan.  What it has been planned, need to be executed.  The coordinator will liaise on the day with all the suppliers, make sure they arrive on time, they set up their equipment where it should be.

So I don’t need a planner, but I want one. What is your job?

As it is the first time that you get married, it difficult to know where to start so our job is to guide you and help you in every step of the planning process.

We make sure that you stick to your budget achieving the look and requirements that you want; suggest the best suppliers/vendors for the job; help you with all the catering side of the wedding; lay out plans; help your guests with the accommodation; logistics and any other help that you may need to make your dream come true.

How much is your service?

Each wedding or event is different and our involvement in each one as well so our fees are based on the services that we will provide.

Do you do other events or just weddings?

We do any kind of events or special occasions from birthday parties to an intimate dinner with friends.

Where do you provide the service?

We provide the wedding planning and coordination service mainly  Malaga, Cádiz, Granada, Sevilla, Almería, Murcia and Barcelona but we can work in any province or autonomous community of Spain without any problem.

Are you insured?

We are register in the Spanish system to whom we need to pay TAX and social security fees.

Also we have a liability insurance and we make sure that all the supplies that we recommend have one as well.

Do you take commissions or referral fees from any supplier/vendor?

We do not take any commissions or referral fees from any of the suppliers or vendors that we work with.  We suggest the suppliers or vendors according to your personality, requirements and budget.  We want the success of the wedding and you to feel happy and comfortable with the people that you are working at the wedding.

Start by giving us a call! We will ask you a few quick questions to help us understand the kind of event that you envisage. We can also determine the amount of Tucco help you need to organize & stage your event to it’s full potential.

After our chat, we will be able to provide you with a personalized quote according to your requirements. If you think we are the right fit for your event, we look forward to hearing from you and starting the journey!

If you prefer to send us an email or use our quick form below, please include the date, number of guests and approx budget for your event and we will be in touch shortly.

We look forward to hearing about your Event & Special Occasions