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Poppy Red styled shoot by Romance Weddings

3 April, 2014 , , Tucco Wedding Planner
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We are enthusiastic to share with you our work behind the scenes from our special Valentine’s Day Styled Photo Shoot. Joseba Sandoval talented photographer and his wife creative director and stylist Mar Sandoval were able to capture the romanticism and beauty that surrounds Valentine’s Day.

Glassware for weddings and event

Carla & Pierre are a match made in heaven. It was their first photo shoot together and they absolutely loved it! The energy between them was fantastic, and it all felt so natural because, hey, the two really are in love! Couldn’t have asked for a better couple to shoot for the most romantic day of the year, everything was simply perfect.

Engaged couple celebrating their day

Old styled champagne glasses for events

Pedro Navarro organized all the floral arrangements and styling, glasses and charger plates were from our very own rental collection. At Tucco when it comes to events, weddings or any special occasion, we believe that glassware and chinaware are as important as floral arrangements, stationary and styling. Incorporating these key details add the wow factor to your special occasion.


Carla’s stunning red wedding dress was by Carla Ruiz and shoes by Chia Mihara.

Dress by Carla Ruiz

Shoes by Chie Mihara

Bridal Beauty Bloom did the make-up and hair, as you can see Carla looked gorgeous, her eyes were glowing while on shoot with her partner Pierre.

Make up for brides in Costa del Sol

Nulki Nulks stationary work is very well known in Spain and in the UK. We love working with them because of their profound knowledge, creativity and eye for detail in the creation of memorable moments.


Over the centuries there have been many traditions surrounding the “cake” and it still is today a central aspect of a wedding. Marta Pino Postres envisioned and baked the delicious cake for the Valentine shoot and it was spot on!

Celebration cake by Marta Pino Postres

The outstanding outcome of the shoot was made possible by the collaboration and passion of each supplier listed above.

Glasses rental for events in Costa del Sol

Gold cutlery for weddings and events

When you fill a room with talented wedding professionals that do what they love the magic will unfold right before your eyes and at Tucco we are delighted of another fantastic result!

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