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Sweet touch at weddings and events

10 April, 2014 , , Tucco Wedding Planner
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And here we go! Today we would like to share with you something that is becoming more and more trendy these days, dessert buffets!

Dessert buffets are becoming more and more popular for events’ receptions and weddings, either in place of the traditional cake or in addition to it. These buffets can include things like mini cupcakes, macaroons, different flavoured popcorn, marshmallows, dessert shots, fruit’s skewers, cookies, creative cake-pops, woopie pies, candies, home made Italian cream sodas, smoothies, frozen yogurt …something sweet for everyone’s taste. Yummy!

Crazy in love with frozen yogurt? There are endless possibilities when it comes to choose toppings to add to our dessert buffet: chocolate and vanilla sprinkles, chopped fruit, sweet sauces, marmalade, crushed chocolate chips, nuts, toffee chips…let your guests create their own culinary masterpiece!

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For those who are crazy chocolate lovers there are plenty of options as well. Having a chocolate fountain placed on a dessert buffet table is simply the best idea ever! Dipping stations can feature a variety of melted chocolate, white, milk, or exotic dark and obviously we cannot forget about some fruit, marshmallows or candy to dip into the chocolate. Choc-o-holics don’t you feel like having some chocolate now?

Other ideas that we could add to our dessert buffet are: cookies and milk station, churros’ bar, a pancake or waffles buffet…your only limit is your sweet imagination!

Dessert buffets are something that adults and kids will enjoy without limits! These unique ideas give events’ attendees a fun, participatory experience that brings out nostalgia, while still providing an elegant and delicious atmosphere.

It is perfect for those guests who want smaller servings of dessert, or for those who want to try multiple flavors.

We hope you enjoyed this little sweet touch! Be candy my friend!

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