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Weddings in Andalucia

7 May, 2014 , , Tucco Wedding Planner
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Hello all! Today I am thrilled to bring you an interesting topic that is maybe one of the main reasons why we specially operate in Costa del Sol.

So, here we go with a super easy but long question to answer! Why people want to get married in Andalusia?

Andalusia certainly seems to have it all when it comes to weddings, and I will tell you why:

First of all, the fantastic weather; just three days of rain on average from June to early September. Andalusia fits perfectly for those couples looking for guaranteed sunshine, a perfect honeymoon location and a great holiday break for their guests. We all want great weather conditions the most memorable day of our lives!


What sort of setting are you looking for? Is it historic, exotic, seaside or country side? Andalusia can offer all of these options without exception. I cannot avoid mentioning the glittering beaches along Costa del Sol, the perfect setting you would fall in love with, I definitely did.


Andalusia is becoming super trendy brides! Leading dress designers and glorious settings… it is not a surprise that getting married in a Spanish-style has become very popular. It also helps that Spain is the world’s second largest exporter of bridal wear, making the country a major trend-setter in the world of wedding fashion. Interesting, right?

We are all concern about money, well, your wedding in Andalusia will be cheaper than in any other place around, and I can guarantee you!

Do not forget about the several available great venues you can find for your wedding! Stunning hotels, luxury resorts, romantic villas, golf clubs… breathtaking paradises!

And then, of course, haven’t you heard about Andalusia’s gastronomy? A fantastic choice of ingredients will surprise your palate; all produced on your doorstep. There is nothing better than the wonderful taste of fresh seafood, locally grown fruit and vegetables of first quality, Iberico ham, the delicate flavor of olive oil made all over the region…thousands of delicatessens and gourmet sensations are waiting for you!

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In addition, Andalusia is famous for its music and dance, its culture is full of contrasts and some places will take you back many thousands of years. No doubt, Andalusia is history and fun!

Andalusia is the perfect wedding destination which can offer you and your guests more than just a wedding day and with a wedding planner’s help, you can make your dream day an unforgettable experience for all!

Thank you to Mar and Joseba Sandoval aka Romance Weddings for the amazing pictures.

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